Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert


$ 7.00

Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert

Size One 6-18 lbs
Size Two 18-40 lbs


· Easy to use, Easy to clean, Quick to dry

· Fleece-topped to protect your baby from wetness

· Extremely absorbent yet maintains a trim and
comfortable fit

· Combines fast absorbing power of microfiber terry
together with the stable absorbency of hemp

· Pair with Thirsties Duo Wrap and save $2000 over

· Made in the USA

Looking for a really simple yet effective cloth diaper? Thirsties Duo Stay Dry Insert is for you!

Start with a Thirsties Duo Wrap. Take two layers of our fast absorbing microfiber terry - top it with our stay-dry and stain-resistant microfleece - and snap it together with 5 layers of our buttery soft hemp jersey. The result!?! A simple recipe for an easy to use and economical stay dry system that keeps your baby free of diaper rash and embarrassing leaks. Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert offers a comfortable trim fit and amazingly absorbency that will not let you down. Simply place the insert into a Duo Wrap, fasten around your baby and go!


Upper insert – 100% polyester
Lower Insert – 55% hemp 45% cotton
Made in USA