Jumbo Dryer Ball & Cloth Diaper Laundering Kit

Boise Cloth Diapers

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LOCALLY made and BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED!!!!  We love these dryer balls and use them exclusively in our cloth diaper laundering service.  You won't be disappointed!  Dryer balls are the natural solution to chemical laden dryer sheets. They soften your clothing & diapers naturally and cut down on drying time.  This kit includes 3 jumbo dryer balls and comes in a matching drawstring bag.  Also included are samples of Rockin Green Laundering Detergent (4 loads) & Eco Nuts Soap Nuts (10 loads).   This is a great starter kit for laundering cloth diapers at home.  Also included is personalized service & support.  Have a laundering question?  Just call or text 208-850-3392 or send an email to boiseclothdiapers@live.com.  Laundering cloth diapers at home has never been easier!!