Happy Heiny's Micro Mini All-In-One - Gently Used

Happy Heiny

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These reusable diapers are "little miracles", a true all in one so there is no guesswork for medical staff.  No need to worry about them refusing to "take extra time to use cloth diapers" because there is no extra time.  These minis feature a high-quality hook and loop closure that facilitate the easiest and healthiest way to make diaper changes.

Each Micro Mini diaper stage weights the same amount so if the nurse needs to measure the baby's output she can do so the same exact way she would with disposable diapers.  

Made of a super soft micro fleece, the only thing next to baby will be softness, not paper.  By using these diapers, there is less chance of skin break-down, diaper rashes, and increased breathing problems which in a NICU full of ventilated babies is a life and death issue.  

Available in 3 Sizes: Size 1 (1-3lbs), Size 2 (2-4lbs), Size 3 (3-6lbs).  Each stage has enough absorbency for a baby of this size.  

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